Understanding Diamonds

Diamond Colour and Clarity

Diamond Colour Diamond Clarity

Clarity - What it means to you

Because diamonds are formed deep within the earth, under extreme heat and pressure; virtually all diamonds contain "birthmarks"; small imperfections inside the diamond (called inclusions), or on its surface (called blemishes). Clarity refers to the degree to which these imperfections are present. 

   SI - No visible inclusions looking at arms length

Eye  VS - No visible inclusions looking up close  

Loupe  VVS - No visible inclusions through a jewellers loupe which is 10 x magnification

Microscope  IF - No visible inclusions through a microscope 


Diamond Cut

A Diamond with an excellent cut will exhibit maximum fire, brillance and scintillation - this is exactly what you are looking for in a beautiful diamond!

POLISH (degree of smoothness of each facet of the diamond)

SYMMETRY (How precisely the various facets of a diamond align and intersect)


PROPORTION (Specific parameters such as the angles to which it is cut and the exact length of different facets)


OVERALL RATING (The overall cut grade is determined by these three factors)
Excellent / Very Good / Good / Fair / Poor

Ideal Cut  Ideal Cut 

Deep Cut  Deep Cut 

Shallow Cut  Shallow Cut

 Carat Weight

Diamonds are sold by the carat (ct.), which is actually a unit of weight. A carat is equal to exactly 0.2 grams. The higher the carat weight of a diamond, the more rare and valuable the stone. Fewer than one in a million rough stones are large enough to produce a polished one carat diamond.
* Sizes online will vary depending on your screen size. 

0.25 ct. 0.25ct 

0.50 ct. 0.50 ct 

0.75 ct. 0.75 ct 

1.0 ct. 1.0 ct 

2.0 ct. 2.0 ct


Asscher Asscher     Baguette Baguette     Cushion Cushion     Emerald Emerald     Heart Heart     Marquise Marquise

Oval Oval             Pear  Pear            Princess Princess   Radiant Radiant    Round Round    Trilliant Trilliant