Photo of Simon Curwood

“Elevated excellence endures. It goes beyond motivation into the realms of inspiration.”


Simon the founder and Managing Director of Simon Curwood Jewellers comes from a long line of esteemed trailblazers. His father, Christopher Curwood operated one of Australia’s leading jewellery manufacturers – McCallum Gold in the late 70’s early 80’s. Christopher Curwood made headlines around the world with his invention of the Link Lock which is classed as one of the world’s leading jewellery findings in industry to date.

Captivated by his father’s profession, Simon spent much of his younger years by his father’s side, learning the intricacies of fine jewellery production from the tender age of six. It was this early exposure to the trade that ignited Simon’s passion for fine jewellery and ambition for innovation. From the age of seventeen, Simon was dealing with some of the world’s largest distributors and establishing exclusive relationships within the trade.

After working for over a decade with some of the countries largest retailers, Simon, a true trailblazer in his own right formed the most progressive luxury jewellery retailer in Australia – Simon Curwood Jewellers.

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