With Simon Curwood's Lifetime Diamond Warranty, you can enjoy life's luxuries without worry.

What is covered:

  • Individual diamonds (excluding setting).
  • Replacement of diamonds that have chipped or cracked during normal wear. Replacement includes labor and material costs associated with the repair and/or replacement.

To ensure your diamond warranty remains valid please:

  1. Bring your diamond jewellery and Lifetime Diamond Warranty / Certificate of Authenticity Document to your nearest store every 6 months for a routine inspection by one of our friendly staff.
  2. Our staff will record the details of each inspection on the warranty document and advise you of the next scheduled inspection date.
  3. Our staff will provide you with care and maintenance advice to ensure your diamond jewellery remains in pristine condition for years to come.

What is not covered:

  • Items that aren't diamonds.
  • Repairs and/or adjustments made to your diamond jewellery not performed by Simon Curwood Jewellers. Please note repairs and/or adjustments made by a jeweller other than Simon Curwood Jewellers will void this warranty.
  • Diamond jewellery that have not been routinely inspected every 12 months as per the above warranty ruling.
  • Any damage deemed excessive that is not considered normal wear.
  • Diamonds other than those supplied by Simon Curwood Jewellers.
  • Diamond jewellery must be as per your original Simon Curwood Jeweller purchase.

How to make a claim:

Please note the Simon Curwood Jewellers Diamond Warranty is in addition to your consumer rights.

  1. Bring your diamond jewellery into your nearest store, along with your SCJ documentation including Certificate of Authenticity / Lifetime Diamond Warranty. This is needed to validate your warranty.
  2. Our specialised staff will conduct a gemmological assessment. Note: At times our staff may also require an independent evaluation by a third party assessor.
  3. You will be contacted with an outcome from the assessment.
  4. Your diamond jewellery will be repaired by our specialist repair team.
  5. Our staff will contact you once your jewellery is ready for collection.

Please contact your nearest store should you have any queries about our lifetime diamond warranty.