Our Diamonds

Diamond Engagement RingsAt Simon Curwood Jewellers we source our diamonds directly from Dubai, the world’s diamond hub. All of our stones are carefully hand selected for the optimal balance of cut, colour and clarity.

Only the most beautiful and rare diamonds are chosen - those with exceptional fire, brilliance and scintillation - for setting into our exclusive designs. Whether you select one of our diamonds in-store or send us on a mission to find your ideal stone, rest assured that your diamond will be perfectly suited to you.

Formed deep within the earth over many millions of years, diamonds can be found in almost every shape, size and colour imaginable. They range from common industrial grade, to the most rare and spectacular white or brightly coloured stones.

Each diamond is truly unique, with its own distinguishing characteristics that attest to the cut, colour, clarity and carat weight. Therefore, a selection of our diamonds are independently certified by the Gemological Institute of America (GIA) – widely recognised as the world experts in diamond grading.


We are proud to bring natural pink diamonds from the Argyle Mine in Western Australia direct to you.

Only 5% of all diamonds from the Argyle Mine are considered to be of gem quality and less than 1% of these are pink in colour. For this reason pink diamonds are one of the rarest, most beautiful and most sought after diamond in the world.

Our range features exclusive and modern settings designed to showcase the natural beauty of pink diamonds set in 18 ct. white and rose gold.


Coloured Diamonds

With a variety of colours and shapes set exclusively by our master jeweller, we are excited to bring you our stunning range of intensified colour natural diamonds.

These natural diamonds are mined in Eastern Europe then flown to New York to have their natural colour intensified using one of the worlds most advanced systems, and are truly spectacular.

Many retailers offer enhanced diamonds with coloured coatings, however these treatments are not permanent. Our unique intensification process recreates the actual conditions a diamond experiences underground, and can only be applied to already coloured natural diamonds. The intensification of this natural colour is permanent and exclusive to Simon Curwood Jewellers.

Hand set in platinum with a halo of white diamonds, these beautiful stones are all independently certified by the GIA (Gemological Institute of America).