Ashleigh and Nathan

Ashleigh and Nathan

“7 years ago Nathan and I met in the back seat of a car through our two good friends.

That night Nathan sent a text to his mate stating his keen interest in me. Fast forward a few months and after half a dozen ‘dates’ we were officially dating. Both of us knew very early on that we were each other’s person 😘

I woke up early on Christmas morning to Nathan moving around the house to what I now know was the makings of a scavenger hunt. After opening our gifts at the tree Nathan handed me the first of 20 clues which eventually led me back to the tree with Nathan on one knee. It was a truly special occasion as often in the past, I would put together scavenger hunts for Nathan to enjoy.

We loved being able to spend the day with family and surprise everyone with our news. Our dog is pretty chuffed too 🥰

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