Ashley and Sam

Ashley and Sam

“My fiancé Ashley and I first met on bumble in December 2021 while we both had COVID.

We started zoom dating and asking each other the tough questions first. There was no games or mixed messages, she introduced me to love languages and I saw a different perspective on what both our needs would be.

The moment we officially met I knew she was special, my heart was beating out of my chest when I first said “I love you”.

Ash has never lived with any partner before so I knew when she moved in this was it for both of us.

Almost a year later, I picked up the ring with the plan to propose to Ashley. We were heading to Harry Styles and I found a little bridge I was going to take her to, to finally pop the question.

Unfortunately, the moment was taken away when it was stolen in the night just days before the planned proposal.

I was devastated but Ash had hope.

The surprise was definitely ruined but I couldn’t wait any longer, I proposed the same day with a temporary ring.

An emotional 2 weeks went by of continuous searching online and emailing pawn shops - we got another shock when the police rung us with the news of it being found.

I rushed and picked it up and put that thing right on her finger, we feel so lucky and our bond only grows stronger everyday.

This is a memory we will never forget,

We are excited to spend our lives together 💍

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