Bianca and Ryan

Bianca and Ryan

Ryan and Bianca met while working together at the same company and have been together for four years. They love weekend adventuring, heading to the beach or hiking, travelling and cooking together.

The proposal:

Ryan - “I’d planned this for months and had been working closely with SCJ for quite some time to make sure everything was right with the ring. The next challenge consisted of how to get Bianca up early enough for the sunrise, and how to smuggle a bottle of champagne and glasses to the beach unnoticed. Knowing how much Bianca despises waking up early but appreciates my passion for photography, I spent the weeks leading up to it complaining about needing to test my new camera in low light settings, so it was important we were at Gap Beach in time for the sunrise the next time we were at South West Rocks so I could test a range of settings. Nobody ever suspects the camera bag of hiding a bottle of champagne, so that part was easy! The rest is history.”

The ring:

Ryan designed the ring, with the help of some friends who were privy to exactly what Bianca wanted, and the SCJ team.

The pear shaped diamond ring with rose gold bezel setting was exactly what Bianca wanted. Bianca says that “Ryan, Hannah and the lovely ladies at Simon Curwood could not have done any better.” She loved the simplicity and elegance of the stone and setting.

The wedding:

Ryan and Bianca’s wedding is booked for October 2022 at Saltwater at Fingal Bay. They both love the ocean, so this is the perfect setting for them. They can’t wait for the good music, food and drinks with the people they love most!

The couple’s advice to anyone getting engaged:

Both Bianca and Ryan agree that letting someone outside the relationship know what you like in an engagement ring is the best idea (a close girlfriend or sibling). Bianca says, “Even if your partner doesn’t seek out the information, the girls will certainly make sure he gets it.”

Ryan agrees, “I had no idea whatsoever, the idea of creating something of this calibre is incredibly daunting, so make sure you’ve at least got some kind of guidance from someone who know what she wants/likes!” 

Great advice from the happy couple – we wish you both all the best!

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