Dakota and Ben

Dakota and Ben

“My fiancé (🙈) Ben and I grew up with mutual friends, and from at least 2010 there were so many chances for our paths to cross but it never happened.

Fast forward to 2017 when we even worked in the same place and on the same team for a brief period on multiple occasions, again never meeting. That was until the end of 2017, it’s like the stars finally aligned and we both swiped right on each other! After an awkward first greeting, I knew that this man was my happily ever after.

I’ve been annoying Ben for five years now and as of a few weeks ago he’s asked me to continue annoying him forever!

Ben worked with the team at Simon Curwood to create the ring of my absolute dreams, asking me to marry him in the Grounds of Alexandria Disney laneways, much to the joy of my Disney Princess heart!”

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