Danielle and Brad

Danielle and Brad

“Brad and I met through covid lockdown not long after we both moved back to Newcastle where we each grew up. We had both moved to different cities and states for a few years and for different reasons we both made our way back home. We both enjoyed walking along the lake with our dogs when we crossed paths!! It wasn’t long before we both knew our love story had began. Months went on and we moved in together, we both began thinking about the future which bought us to Simon Curwood at Charlestown where the beautiful Shana made us both feel so comfortable with exploring engagement rings. She helped brad design our dream ring.

Brad proposed on our one year anniversary at almost the very spot along the lake that we had first met!!

Meeting each other both made us believe in true love.

We can’t wait to design our wedding bands with the Simon Curwood ladies at Charlestown.”

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