Keely and Josh

Keely and Josh

“We met 18 years ago, went to school together, spent weekends together and grew up as childhood friends.

On the 24th of January 2023, we were celebrating our 9 year anniversary in Bali.

We planned a day trip to one of the islands - Nusa Penida. Such a beautiful island, filled with so much sunshine, love and happiness. Our last stop on the island was Crystal Bay. We booked a tour boat out so we could all go snorkelling for a few hours. We got back to the main island covered in hives, as we were all stung by jellyfish. (That’s another story 😂)

Once we got to mainland and off the boat, we walked down to the end of the beach. That was the moment, Josh got down on one knee and asked me to be his wife. And of course I said, a BIG YES to a forever with him. I was so shocked and on cloud 9 that I totally forgot that prior to this moment, I was just stung by 7 jelly fish!

Thank you to Michelle, from Simon Curwood Charlestown. Josh said you made the whole process run smooth and that you were so invested in our story and what josh wanted in a ring. The ring is absolutely stunning!

“We can’t wait to get married” 💍💍

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