Wendy and Greg

Wendy and Greg

Wendy and Greg first met through Wendy’s cousin, as he and Greg are friends. They’ve been together since early 2020. They both have so much in common and share the same hopes and dreams. Being in lockdown together ensured they got to know each other well, very quickly! Wendy says “We both think the same, like the same things and want the same for our future. We couldn’t live without each other now and hate being apart. Our children all get along and we never argue or fight, we have a mutual respect for one another.” 

The proposal:

Wendy and Greg knew very quickly that they would get married not long after they met, as they were so besotted with each other and have both never been so happy in their lives. 

They bought their wedding rings at the same time as the engagement ring, as they had planned to get married with just the two of them, then announce it to our family and friends at Greg’s 50th Birthday Party. 

Once the rings arrived, Greg couldn’t wait till the wedding, and he said he couldn’t let that beautiful ring just sit there in the drawer. He wanted Wendy to have it, so he proposed right there that night at home. It was perfect and their kids were there too, so they were excited, and then we facetimed our parents to tell them. Greg’s 50th then became an engagement party as well, but to the surprise of their guests they actually got married the day before, so it also became a wedding celebration. 

The ring:

Greg and Wendy chose the rings together. Greg tried to go and do the ring choice himself but it was too overwhelming, so he told Wendy the surprise and they went together. It was an amazing surprise and made the engagement extra special. Wendy says “I absolutely love my ring and the way it sparkles; I look at it all the time. It’s a 2-carat diamond in a platinum setting.”

The wedding:

Greg and Wendy eloped with just the two of them, their witnesses and the celebrant. They were married on the celebrant’s property – green grass, birds chirping and no stress. They had an amazing day and got to celebrate with their friends at Greg’s 50th the following day. 

The couple’s advice to anyone getting engaged:

Greg and Wendy say to keep it simple and stick to what you want, relax and enjoy the day to take it all in as it goes so fast.

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