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Our Design Concierge gives you access to your very own diamond buyer searching the world for the perfect GIA certified diamond to complement your design.

Our Diamond Concierge service will source the perfect diamond for you, ensuring size, colour, clarity and cut to your specific requirements. The Simon Curwood diamond difference ensures outstanding quality, beautifully unique, ethical diamonds.

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sc diamond collection

Our profound knowledge and passion for exceptional diamonds has lead to the creation of our highly esteemed range of diamonds - SC Diamonds (Simon Curwood Diamonds).

All diamonds in the Simon Curwood Diamond Collection are guaranteed to be non-recirculated, ethically mined diamonds. All SC Diamonds are hand selected by our international diamond buyer, undergo rigorous quality control and are each certified by the same independent diamond agency; ensuring consistency and brilliance with each SC Diamond.


simon curwood ECO-LaboratorY

sustainable stones

Our SC Eco-Laboratory range offers a sustainable, eco-friendly alternative to diamonds – each with its own unique, vivid sparkle. This is the perfect option for clients looking to reduce their impact.

All stones from the SC Eco-Laboratory are guaranteed to be;

- Sustainable and eco friendly
- Use carbon neutral manufacturing process
- Recirculate 100% equivalent of metal used back into the market
- SC Quality control to ensure the highest of standards
- 100% mine free stones


All SC (Simon Curwood) Moissanite gemstones are carefully selected to ensure consistency and brilliance.

Moissanite is a near colourless diamond simulant stone that has a very similar appearance to a diamond and is closer to a diamond in overall appearance than any other imitation diamond. Moissanite is a silicone carbide gemstone with a very high refractive index which causes it to disperse a high amount of light and this is what gives Moissanite its signature fire and brilliance. Moissanite is graded using a colour grading scale similar to the way in which diamonds are graded. See SC Diamonds for more information on grading.

To ensures a unique and stunningly brilliant clarity and sparkle, all SC Moissanite stones are the best possible colour D-G and FL (flawless) in clarity.

SIMON CURWOOD lab grown diamonds

All SC (Simon Curwood) Lab Grown Diamonds are grown using the most advanced technology available.

Lab grown Diamonds are grown in a laboratory under controlled conditions that stimulate the growth process of a natural diamond deep beneath the earth's crust. Lab grown diamonds consist of the same structure of carbon atoms present in natural diamonds, making them chemically and visually on par with a natural diamond.

Lab grown diamonds are graded using the same colour grading scale as other diamonds. See SC Diamonds for more information on grading.

Much the same as our Diamond Concierge - our Laboratory team can can create or source the perfect SC Lab Grown Diamond for you, ensuring size, colour, clarity and cut to your specific requirements.